Industrial cleaners for Components

MAXICLIN - Cleaners
Alkaline salts (Inorganic)
  • Combination of water-soluble alkaline salts and wetting agent.
  • For immersion cleaning
  • Generally for heavy duty degreasing
  • Post heat treatment, heavy soiled components
  • For Ferrous
Alkaline Cleaners liquid (Organic)
  • Combination of organic degreasing agents and surfactants.
  • Offers short term protection.
  • No residues post cleaning
  • Designed for spray, ultrasonic and dip cleaning.
  • Generally for oily / organic soils
  • For Ferrous
Solvent based cleaner
  • Aromatic / Aromatic free
  • High / Low flash
  • Multi metal compatibility.
  • For spray, dip, ultrasonic cleaning, Vapour degreasing.
Neutral Cleaner
  • Solutions are applied in cleaning and de-oiling of steel, aluminium metal work pieces
  • Multi metal compatibility
  • Application by spraying, immersion and ultrasonic.
Acidic cleaner
  • Organic acid compositions used on rusted surfaces.
  • Upon dissolution of the iron oxides the surface remains inhibited.
  • Designed to clean rusted surfaces
  • Prevents further oxidation
  • For ferrous surfaces only