Rust Preventives

RUSGARD® Protection System

Temporary corrosion preventive treatments so important for the humungous volumes of precision-engineered metals waiting/queuing (in-process, in storage or in transit) at different stages of manufacture.

The word "Temporary" is used, by the way, not because the protectives are of limited duration – most of them are effective for long storage periods but because the protective can be easily removed at the next stage of production.

RUSGARD - Rust Preventive System
De-Watering Solvent
  • Rapid Dewatering
  • Fingerprint neutralizing
  • Non staining
  • For ferrous & Non-ferrous surfaces
  • Good clean ability
  • Thin transparent film
  • No need of removal prior to further operation
  • Short term, In-process protection. For machined ferrous and Non- ferrous components, parts waiting for further operations or assembly.
Rust Preventive Fluids
  • Good water displacement
  • Soft oily/waxy film
  • Good clean ability
  • Works in proximity of acidic environment
  • For Medium to Long term Indoor /Outdoor protection of parts like alloy steel, Mild steel, Castings.
    Used on precision components and other machined parts.
Rust Preventive Oil
  • Non-drying adherent film
  • Imparts lubricity
  • Water displacing
  • Suitable for ferrous & non-ferrous surfaces
  • Non staining
  • For Medium to Long-term protection of precision highly finished components like Bearings and auto components.
Rust Preventive Coatings
  • Hard dry to tacky film
  • Fast drying
  • Good scratch / abrasion resisitance
  • Bituminous, Non-bituminous
  • Transparent, Coloured film
  • Designed for Medium to Long-term protection of Tubes, Pipes, Machined components, automotive parts, castings.
Rust Preventive Compounds
  • Non drying tenacious waxy film
  • Touch Dry film
  • Excellent protection
  • Can withstand rough handling
  • Self healing film
  • Designed for Long term Outdoor protection, export shipment. Useful for applications where handling is inevitable post coating and components are large / heavy.