Metal Treatment Chemicals


Range of pre treatment chemicals for surface preparation.


- An unique rust converter.

- A unique rust passivating system used for:

  • Ensuring 100% rust conversion to a neutral form thus overcoming mechanical process of cleaning.
  • Can eliminate use of primer.
  • Improves the service life of the paint.

MAXIPROCESS - Metal Treatment Chemicals
Zinc Phosphating (Cold/Hot)
  • Surface preparation for corrosion protection and good adhesion for longer service.
Blackening (Cold/Hot)
  • For carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, forged steel.
  • Offers corrosion resistance, durability, lubricity, and aesthetics.
  • Non-galling surface and no dimensional change
3 in 1 solutions
  • All in one - Degreasing, Derusting & Mild phosphating in 1 tank.
De-burring chemicals
  • Solution for removal of burrs & sharp edges created after punching, stamping operations.
Rust Converter
  • Means of preventing progress of electro chemical process by forming complex organo metallic surface.
  • In-situ rust converter for structural steels. Useful on exposed reinforcement during repairs of concrete structure.