Heat Treatment


Mineral oil, Aqueous Quench ants and Salts.

Range of heat treatment products:

  • Normal Quenching Oil
  • Medium fast Quenching Oil
  • Combined Hot & Cold quenching oil

Carburising & Carbonitriding Fluids
Range of liquids facilitates case carburizing and case carbonitriding. The products are ready to use (without addition of any other component) and impart case depths as desired.

MAXIQUENCH - Heat Treatment System
Normal Speed Quenching Oil
  • Slow quenching speed-Still achieve desired hardness
  • Less viscosity-Uniform hardness, less carry away loss
  • Ideal for high hardenable alloys like Tool/die steels.
  • For various types of engineering/auto applications.
Medium Fast Quenching Oil
  • Medium quenching speed-Higher as quenched hardness.
  • Lower viscosity-Uniformity/less carry away loss.
  • Low Cooling rate in convection stage-Reduced distortion
  • For medium hardenable steels like low alloy steels.
  • Ideal for Fasteners and other applications looking for higher hardness.
Fast Quenching Oil
  • High quenching speed-Results in maximum hardness
  • Lower viscosity-Uniformity/less carry away loss
  • Ideal for low hardenable alloys, carbon steels and for thick sections.
Hot & Cold Quenching Oil
  • Medium speed quenching — Still achieve desired hardness
  • Medium viscosity, high flash point — Uniform hardness and higher operating temperature
  • Can be used as cold and hot quenching oil for gears, auto parts.
  • Saves inventory as it replaces cold/hot oil
Martempering Oil
  • Medium quenching speed-Achieve desired hardness
  • Medium viscosity-Uniform Hardness
  • High Flash Point-Higher Operating temperature
  • Ideal for distortion control.
  • For slender parts, gears, long shafts etc.
Vacuum Quenching Oil
  • High quenching speed-Maximum quenched hardness
  • Low viscosity-Uniformity in hardness, Bright finish, low distortion.
  • Used for auto components and high precision parts demanding finish and dimensional control, low distortion.
Aqueous Quenchant
  • Flexibility in quenching speed-Can vary the same resulting in better hardness/micro. Replace high alloy steel with lower alloys with cost saving
  • Higher specific heat—Reduced temperature rise /load and higher productivity.
  • Can be used for Induction hardening and through hardening applications.
  • Used for forgings, auto ancillaries and by job heat treaters.
Quenching Salt
  • Higher operating temperature-used for quenching at higher temperature
  • Used for tempering, quenching and austempering process. Also ideal for martempering.
  • Recommended for distortion prone parts, springs, Ductile Iron etc.
Customised Quenching Oils